Can I appeal on the basis that I feel this parking charge notice is unjustifiable and not a proportionate loss?

You may appeal on any grounds that you feel relevant however, it is worth noting the recent Court of appeal case Parking Eye Ltd v. Beavis

What can I do if I don’t agree with the appeal response I receive?

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of the appeal you are entitled to submit their appeal for further review to an independent appeals body. MPS are members of the International Parking Community’s Independent Appeals Service (IAS). When an appeal is submitted for further review with the IAS, the appeal is assessed by solicitors or barristers.

Is this a breach of contract?

Yes, when you parked your vehicle on the Relevant Land, you entered into a contractual agreement with Millennium Parking Services (MPS). This contractual agreement is agreed to by the driver upon entering the private land.

Can I talk to someone regarding the Parking Charge Notice I have received?

We cannot discuss and Parking Charge Notices over the telephone, all correspondence must be in writing to ensure it is easily traceable. You can email with any queries you may have, or submit an appeal using our online appeals form.

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